What I’m working on

The gumpaste decorations are my favorite part of the whole cake. I love sitting down and watching a giant blob of gum paste turn into a beautiful flower or figure. The little flowers and small details are so time-consuming but there is nothing more rewarding than finishing everything and seeing it all come together on the cake. I am completely addicted to making the gumpaste flowers. I have spent hours studying the anatomy of a flower before I even start making one. Making different gumpaste figures usually consumes most of my free time. It has turned from a hobby into a passion that I hope to someday be able to enjoy more than just on my down time after work and on the weekends. Here are some pictures of what I have worked on or am currently working on:

These are the first gumpaste items I ever made. This is for the blackberry cake I made:

The blackberries and my other projects:

The blackberry blossoms:

The cake with the gumpaste blackberries, blossoms and leaves:

I also tried out a rainbow-colored rose. I ended up not making a cake with it since I ended up having to work on another cake. However, for my first rose I was decently pleased with how it came out.

I ended up attempting roses again for another cake. I ended up making the roses the night before the cake was due and it took me almost 7 hours to make them.

And here is the finished cake with the roses:

Last week I tried out my first calla lilies and made some more roses for a cake competition I have coming up. I have to make about 100 flowers for this cake and so far I only have 5 made! Something tells me the next month is going to be packed full of flower making. Here are some pictures of what I have done so far:

Well after almost 6 weeks of working and spending the past two weekends from 10 am to 8 pm working on these, the flowers are almost done! I still need to put some of them together and dust some of the calla lilies but I am actually starting to feel less anxious about finishing before November 9th.

Okay… here is the final product!



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