Specialty Cakes

Here are some specialty cakes that I have done here and there for a couple meetups I have gone to and some I have just made to take to work:

Thin Mint cake: A chocolate cake with a crushed thin mint filling and a mint buttercream topped with ganache and more crushed thin mints.

Peanut Butter Ganache Cake: Chocolate cake with a peanut butter filling and peanut butter frosting topped with chocolate ganache.

Strawberry Ganache Cake: A vanilla cake with a homemade strawberry jam filling, vanilla buttercream topped with chocolate ganache and sliced strawberries.

Oreo mini cake: Vanilla cake with crushed oreos in the batter, an oreo filling and oreo buttercream topped with split oreos.

Cherry cake: A vanilla cake with a whipped ganache filling topped with chocolate covered cherries and covered in a vanilla bean buttercream.

oreo peanut strawberry thinmint cherrycake


Chocolate Cherry Chunk Cake

This is my newest specialty cake, a chocolate cherry chunk cake. The cake can be either your choice of chocolate or vanilla that is filled with a cherry flavored mousse with fresh chopped cherries, covered in a cherry buttercream and topped with a creamy chocolate ganache.

Some more mini Cakes

These are mini cakes I made over the weekend for a client that had several events going on all in one weekend. The first cake is a Wakulla High School Graduation mini cake. It was an oreo cake with a whipped ganache filling covered in vanilla buttercream. The Second Cake was for a little girl’s first birthday. The cake was a vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream. The last cake I made for her was for a little boy’s 5th Birthday party which is a chocolate cake with a vanilla creme filling with fresh strawberries covered in chocolate buttercream and topped with fresh chocolate covered strawberries.

Snickers Cake

This cake looks and smells so yummy! Someone requested something like the Albertson’s Snickers cake. I had actually never heard of it before and I was intrigued so I decided to try it out and it looks good enough to eat! This is a chocolate cake with caramel buttercream, topped with caramel and a sliced snickers bar and drizzled with more caramel.

Peanut Butter Ganache Cake

This is one of my more popular cakes and it is always a big hit a parties. It is a rich, moist chocolate cake covered in a peanut butter buttcream and drizzled with chocolate ganache. There is also a peanut buttercup filling.