Dalmatian Birthday Cake

This is a very special birthday cake I made for my niece. She is currently obsessed with dogs and she loves 101 dalmatians so my sister and I decided on making her a dalmatian cake so that’s what she got!


dog dog2


Fishing Birthday Cake

I made this cake for my brother in law who loves to fish and who also loves zucchini bread. He has always joked with me about making him a zucchini cake so thats what he got! A zucchini cake with cream cheese frosting and fondant decorations.



A very special 1st Birthday Cake

This was my daughter’s first birthday cake and she used to love the show veggie tales so her entire party was veggie tales themed. I wanted to create a large cake along with a smash cake for her even though we didn’t have enough guests to warrant a huge cake. I decided to make the bottom tier out of Styrofoam and the top two tiers are vanilla cake with a neopolitan filling (chocolate and strawberry). She was very excited about her cake.. until she decided that she didn’t like icing on her fingers.


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A very special smash cake!

This giant cupcake is very near and dear to my heart since this was used for my daughter’s 1st birthday smash cake pictures. I put a lot of thought into this and decided that a cute giant cupcake would be perfect. She loved eating the buttercream frosting off the top by picking it off with her fingers.